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Professional Investment Services and Australian Loan Company would like to thank all the delegates of the Fiji 2009 conference for their magnificent support.

Each and every one of the delegates took valuable time away from their offices after a volatile year to make an investment in their business and future by joining us for three days of intense learning. For this, the entire PIS and ALCo team appreciates your efforts.

The conference, a key event in the activity train calendar, was a great success. The conference theme ‘Powering Ahead to the New World’ could not have been more appropriate in the current environment. With some large competitors seeing this as the ideal time to take control of the financial services sector, Professional Investment Holdings acknowledges a responsibility to the Group and the industry to survive the changes that are occurring.  As discussed in the company update, there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes at head office to ensure we have a profitable solution for you and your clients and we look forward to announcing the new initiatives and joint venture partners at our annual Strategic Review in October.

One of the most powerful sessions held during the conference was delivered by Carol Yip. Carol shared that the focus of an adviser is to make a contribution to client’s lives and then challenge them to do better.

Our businesses are based on relationships; understanding your client’s emotional and financial beliefs is an essential element to building a strong relationship and providing quality advice. We urge you all to take on board some of Carol’s points to assist you in building your business and strengthening your client base.

Congratulations to all the ALCo award winners - part of the Group’s culture is to acknowledge individual contributions and we enjoy being able to identify and celebrate your success on these occasions.

Also a big thank you to all the advisers and brokers who shared the secrets of their success in the ‘what works for me’ sessions.

We would like to acknowledge the contribution of all the sponsors who embraced the concept of a joint lending and risk insurance conference. It is a clear reflection of the value they see in all parties in the financial services industry developing even closer links.

Thank you all for your participation and we look forward to sharing with you again in Fiji 2010.

Robbie Bennetts  

Lesley Wood

Group CEO  

General Manager

Professional Investment Services  

Australian Loan Company

Professional Investment Services and Australian Loan Company Lending and Risk Insurance Conference 2009

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Letter from PIS,
Oct 2009

Thank you Carol