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Book: Money Rules

Money Rules is now available is Malay and Chinese editions

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  • Are you having difficulties in managing your money because of unexpected circumstances and confronting personal issues?
  • Are your actions dictated by how much money you have, or don’t have?
  • Do you wish you could master money so that you control it completely, instead of being a slave to it – which can eventually destroy you in all aspects of your life?

If so, Carol Yip's MONEY RULES, the sequel to her Smart Money-User book is your saviour in more ways than one!

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Unpretentious and genuine. What sets Carol apart is the unconventional yet logical approach of applying personal psychology to personal financial issues. After reading Money Rules, one would realize that all the pieces were right in front of our eyes all the while; just that no one has connected all the dots in such a clear and powerful manner. From students, parents to entrepreneurs, the message in this book cuts across all strata and compels the reader to think deeply."
~ CK Chow, TV Producer & Script Writer


We groom and teach people to prepare for their professional careers. But our schools, even the best in the world, have not taught their students how to manage their personal finances. Imagine this ... personal financial management is something we do throughout our lives, but we are not taught how to do it – how to save, how to invest, how to not overspend, how to budget, and how to be prudent. Money Rules by Carol Yip is clearly a book of its time!"
Steven K C Poh
Managing Editor 4E Journal, the official magazine of the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia

As Carol sees it, there are 2 important things in your life that money cannot buy: one is your time, the other is your life.

In MONEY RULES, Carol combines the psychological elements of human behaviour and financial concepts she calls ‘Behavioural Finance in Personal Financial Management’. By understanding why you do what you do in relation to money, you’ll be well on the way to mastering money. When you can eliminate money as one of the main sources of problems – you will truly be in full control of your life!

In her new book MONEY RULES, Carol Yip reveals some of the most valuable concepts of money and psychology, where your thoughts, emotions, behaviours and habits applied to money, all combine to either suck you deep into the zone of despair, or elevate you to the lofty heights of financial freedom!

Discover 11 SIMPLE and POWERFUL methods to solve your money issues and LIVE LIFE to the FULLEST before is too late! You'll also discover little known secrets used by the rich and successful to solve your acute overspending behaviour, prevent yourself from accumulating massive debts and finally break free from all their shackles if you're already in a deep financial mess - for you to finally live the life you've always wanted, with total freedom and few or no worries!

You’ll learn how to IMPROVE your financial WEALTH significantly with the help of your spouse and children, using simple human psychology in your daily interactions with them!

If you are in business, DISCOVER how your PASSION can cause huge financial problems to your business - and kill it in no time.

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Carol Yip is Asia’s UNDISPUTED queen on money matters. Follow her unique and powerful advice on how to handle your money and you’ll be able to make money your slave instead of your master. By being in complete control over one of the most important things in our lives, you will be able to achieve complete financial freedom faster than you ever could before, while living a more fulfilling and “richer” life in many ways! Get this book NOW – because your life really does depend on it!
~ Sen Ze
Best-selling author of “How To Use The Internet To Earn US Dollars In Your Pajamas” www.SenZe.com 

What readers say about Carol Yip's book

"I’ve just bought your book MONEY RULES two days ago and I find it very interesting. This is what I have been looking for all these while. Your ideas really suit me (even though I’ve just finished Part A of the book). I would like to join your seminar some day."
~Saleh Kamar


"Carol Yip‘s
[attempt in applying] psychological ideas to the area of financial management… is timely and relevant in an age in which more and more people are sinking into debt and more and more families are being torn apart by financial tensions”.
~ Dr Goh Chee Leong
Dean of Behavioral Science Faculty
HELP University College


"I like the idea of understanding self before we can control the way we spend our money brought up by Carol in Money Rules book. People will have less money problem if they realise it!"
~ Ho Chai Yoke
Editor of Oriental Daily Newspaper


"Carol Yip brings a revolution of money education for achieving total financial freedom as fast as possible in our lives. Money skills have never been formally taught in schools, colleges, and universities and Carol is the pioneer to incorporate human psychology into money management which creates value to all human beings in this world - from small kids to the retirees. Carol’s book “MONEY RULES” tells us how to manage money wisely and to bring happiness to our lives. GET IT NOW to have a better life!"
~ Dr Gerry Li Founder and CEO, Value Creation Management Ltd Hong Kong