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Motivational keynotes

Below is a list of Carol Yip's most popular keynotes. Keynote addresses can be customised to suit your specific needs or events. Please contact Carol for additional information.

Understanding Your Financial Behaviour

For most of us, money and our feelings towards money are not static, but fluid, dynamic and intense. We know so little about why we experience these emotions towards money and the effects they have on our very existence. Not only do we have a physical self, an emotional self and a social self, but we also have a financial or money self.

Our psychological money self is an integral part of our behaviour and influences the way we manage our money. In other words, your financial personality is a major factor in how you utilize or save your money.

Discover your financial behaviour to find your personal financial happiness and peace in this riveting and intriguing motivational presentation!

It was a great pleasure having you as the Speaker for the public talk entitled "Understand Your Financial Behaviour" at Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman Learning Centre in Kuala Lumpur. On behalf of Tunku Abdul Rahman College, I would like to thank you for devoting an evening to deliver the talk. Your talk was very informative and educational. I am sure the audience benefited immensely from your sharing of knowledge and insights on the topic"
~ Leong Eng Yee
Director of Centre for Continuing Professional Education Tunku Abdul Rahman College

I-Xeon Solutions

Carol’s talk goes deep and draws out the awareness and realization in understanding our financial behaviour. This awareness and realization is the first step to good money management for financial freedom. Carol, keep up the great work! Your transfer of knowledge to our society is priceless! ~ Tan Sai Hup, Assistant Director TEC 


How Parents Teach Kids To Be Smart Money-Users

This "How Parents Teach Kids To Be Smart Money-Users" awareness session is specially designed for parents concerned about their children's financial future.

In this session, you will be able to understand your kids' psychological behaviour and emotions that affect them to spend their allowances or money that you give them. You will learn simple money skills to teach your kids how to manage their money.

As parents, you will also know why your kids are facing challenges in dealing with money nowadays because Carol will share with you "What are the psychological influences and social challenges for kids to be Smart Money-Users these days?".

I am on the right track, as what I am doing now is exactly what you (Carol) are teaching here. I am glad to be here! Thank you very much! It is great to have more Carols in the society. You are making such a great contribution to our society and our country! Wish you all the best!
~Jacqueline Wong
Parent of 2 children aged 2 and 5
  This session is good because it teaches parents to link money principles to life values. Keep it up!
~Kamil Yusof
Single Parent of 3 children aged 12, 16 and 21
  Good reminder about my own financial behaviour and I get to hear from my son what he wants to do with his future and financially!
~Cara Kor
Single Parent of 2 children aged 20 and 21


Living Free with Effective Money Skills

This interactive keynote presentation is designed especially for self-discovery in personal effectiveness, which includes:

  • Dealing with yourself and others
  • Managing your expectations effectively
  • Discovering your financial emotions and habits
  • Eliminating credit card debts and loans
  • Getting to know how to save on small income for retirement and family


How to be a Smart and Money Wise Young Adult

Designed exclusively for young adults aged 16 to 25, this presentation prepares them for the financial responsibilities that lay ahead in their new career and personal adult life. They will learn money skills that are not taught in high school, college or university!

In this motivational keynote presentation, young adults will learn to:

  • Understand the importance of discovering their financial behaviour and emotions towards money
  • Evaluate their personal money management process and financial skills to enhance their ability to handle money
  • Evaluate their personal spending habits and debt management skills to avoid debts while building their career
  • Create their personal financial philosophy and practical financial disciplines, so that they can become responsible, smart, money-wise working adults
  • Create their own Personal Financial Action Plan, which they will be able to implement and practice while pursuing their career


Trimming your Debt The Breakthrough!

Break free of your debts and live a stress-free life with our ultimate debt slimming program! This workshop will enhance your financial literacy and understanding of your own personal behaviour, thoughts and emotions that affect you money management ability. It will help you see clearly to the roots of your money problems and release you from the shackles of your debts.

I have to tell you some good news! I have managed to refinance my house with lesser interest rate and lesser monthly instalment. I used the excess money to pay off my car loan and my other credit cards. What I have left now is 2 credit cards, but at least now I am able to pay the minimum. Carol, thanks for being so supportive and also listen to me, when I was lost in my financial planning. I am now very cautious in spending. ~Jenny Tan


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Carol's Keynote

15-18 Sep 2009

Thank you Carol

15-16 Jan 2009

Executive Women Leaders - Making your mark and becoming a valuable asset and key contributor in your organisation (Singapore Jan 15-16 2009)

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Carol Yip will be one of the guest speakers at the Asia Business Forum Retail Financial Services Conference 20-21 August 2007  Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore - Book now!

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"It was our great pleasure having you as the Speaker for our evening talk entitled "Understand Your Financial Behaviour". We would like to express our gratitude for your sharing session with us and our audience. The majority of our audience found the content of your talk was very informative, easily understood and well presented. They have commented that the talk had helped them to understand their financial "behaviour".
~Yeap Teik Bu
Manager of Centre for Continuing Professional Education
Tunku Abdul Rahman College~