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Book: Smart Money-User

A Practical Money Book for Today's Young Adult Lifestyle

This simple, easy-to-use practical money book is specially designed to help young adults handle money efficiently so that they will take the first correct steps towards achieving their money goals and a secure future. It includes exercise worksheets for young adults to get hands-on experience and start earning their first million dollars. The best investment they'll ever make!

Available at Borders, Kinokuniya, MPH, and Popular bookstores throughout Malaysia and Singapore

I have read your book "Smart Money-User" and found it useful for my daily life. Some of the Chapters I plan to read again more closely, so that I can practice my money management skills. I'm happy for the younger generation, because they are being taught to be money-wise and how to plan. It is good to start at a young age ... and it's never too late to start even when old!" 
~Zinne Chew
Age 23
  This book contains enlightening money concepts especially looking from the psychological aspect. When you see the concepts in the book, it's like finding a pearl in an oyster. Everyone should get one and read it!”
~Frank Ngoh
Managing Partner & Principal Consultant
Entrepreneur Oasis LLP (Singapore)
(one of Singapore's leading financial management trainers and consultants)

"To the majority of today's young adults born in the so-called "Generation Y", money was never an issue until now! Whether earning their own money or inherited from family wealth, managing money may not be their best interest and strength. Unless they learn how to deal with money quickly and early stages in life, young adults are at high risk of not being able to be financially free when they grow older or become parents themselves.

This would mean the end of their affluent lifestyle they have known most of their life! That’s when Carol Yip’s Smart Money-User book and education program come in ... it's the ideal first stepping stone any young adult should take before embarking their journey into the real world, so that they can learn good money skills and be financial intelligent to continue enjoying the lifestyle their parents have provided for them all those years!"
~Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder and Chairman BNI~

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Smart Money-User book.

The importance of money cannot be overstated and yet far too frequently we find ourselves slaves to it. We spend without thinking, choosing instead to fulfil some emotional need to feel good. It is like chasing a fix, searching for a high. Money makes us feel good. Advertisements tell us how to spend money we don't necessarily have, sending us all the wrong messages. It is about time someone started telling us how to manage our money. Carol Yip's book stands out for this reason and for the fact that it is targeted at the young. many of us only find out way too late in life that we may have spent our future away, and it is important that we learn to manage our money the moment we start earning our first pay cheque.
~Leslie Lau
Journalist, Straits Times, Singapore

More testimonials

"Carol has always been passionate about financial coaching since I first knew her. She is never selfish in sharing her experiences and knowledge about managing money. Carol takes time and earnest effort to put across the idea of the importance of spending wisely and planning ahead for one's future. Publishing Smart Money-User is her way of spreading this positive message to as many people as possible, especially the young adults. Lots of effort was put into this book. Using different approaches from human behaviour and emotion helps to make young adults understand money issues better, especially when it is delivered in a lively, interesting, easy and applicable way."
~Ho Chai Yoke
Editor, Oriental Daily Newspaper

"More than just a workbook — financial awakening for the young starts here!"
~Steve Teoh
Editor 4E Journal
Financial Planning Association of Malaysia

"Smart Money-User is a GREAT book with tons of valuable information and practical exercises in one. Really hit the nail on the head for young adults - and really it's probably the best book on financial planning I've read because of a few other factors - it's very well structured, extremely readable and easy to understand.

This book teaches you how to be wealthy as soon as possible, starting from the time even before you're ready to earn a living for yourself. Be aware that you can dive into the book totally broke and clueless and emerge totally rich and full of clarity as its many pages contain very simple but awesome money-making principles that you can immediately and easily apply to your life right now. I only wish Carol had published this book earlier because so many more people would have been better off financially by now, but I guess better late than never. Get this book now!"
~Sen Ze
One-Of-A-Kind Internet Entrepreneur/Coach


"Carol, your Smart Money-User book is a very light and practical book and I guess anyone can finish reading it within a day or two. I read quite a number of financial planning books but there are some points which you brought up hits my head very hard. I started to work on my retirement fund calculation having completed reading your book. I had a life shocking moment after computing amount of dollars needed for my retirement fund. The calculated figure is solely for myself excluding any of these scenarios: have family/kids, illness, natural disaster. Indirectly, it says, I need more dollars in my retirement fund if I want to be financially free. Could never believe it. Actually, I am grateful to find out now although I wish I could be taught about it much earlier. I seen many people around me tend to buy things unnecessarily, or put it this way spend based on emotion. Can't blame them because I have my weaknesses as well. In my case, I am very eager to invest and sometimes, I got myself burnt. Mom got so worry about me and I need some advices from you. The key point (as you highlighted in your last chapter) is to take action. Nothing will happen if we sit and wait. Take action with guided advices" ~ Lindsey Lee

What readers say about Carol Yip's book

" ... this book is inspiring ...
~Robert French
BNI National Director, United Kingdom

"Smart Money-User is well thought out and the workbook approach compels the reader into action. When I first started out as a young adult in the mid-80's, my tertiary education was complete but my financial education was just beginning. How I wish I knew then what this book teaches me today!
A book like this is a must read for any young adult embarking on life
after school."
~Looi Kok Kheong
Year 2006 - 2007
Rotary Club of USJ

"This Smart
Money-User book has certainly taught me a lot of things about money. It has also helped me to understand the relationship between me and money, that is.... money and I work together! This book has also inspired me to write
a book!"
~Vania Quah
Student, Age 14

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"I believe Carol's Smart Money-User has captured the essence of what being money-wise is all about. A practical road map for progressing beyond happiness. Any young adult who aspires to be happy, should read this book".
~S.K. Bhadra Freelance Writer and Director of Union
Metal Sdn Bhd

"Carol Yip's Smart Money-User is a gem of a book! It will stand out as one of the most useful guides to money management, both for the young as well as the "not-so-young"
~Yau Jin Rin
Writer and CEO
Athenium Capital
Sdn Bhd

"Your Smart Money-User book is very easy to understand because it's written in very simple English. The words are very basic and most of the people can easily get your point. Secondly, your example between our brain and a computer is very impartial and most young adults would easily get your message. Another point I like to point out is your book has a strong temptation for me to keep on reading. It is a good sign when a book is that compelling."
~Stephen Mok
Managing Director
Onland (Hong Kong) Ltd

"I find you very knowledgeable on the subject matter and your book covered all aspects of money management in great details. It is a complete guide and manual for young adults. For people who realise the importance of money management, this book will give them a complete solution!"
~Avryl Au
National Director
BNI Malaysia, Thailand & Hong Kong

"Unless you have inherited a fortune to last a lifetime, this GEM of a book is a must read for young adults starting out."
~Richard CM Wong
Chairman & Chief Listener TEC Asia Centre

"I found your Smart Money-User book delightful. You have put together a well-structured blueprint to help young people get their financial house in order. Congratulations!" ~Rajen Devadason
Author & Certified Financial Planner

"Finally, a simple and down-to-earth financial book that is both practical and easy to follow. Carol has successfully made financial jargon easy to understand for people in the streets and more importantly a way to get out of a financial rut. Well done Carol! "
~ Wai K Leong PCC, CPC Managing Partner JMC Consult Sdn Bhd