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Corporate training

Carol conducted the ‘Making Sense About Money’ workshop for executive staff of Sony EMCS Malaysia Sdn Bhd, 24 February 2009.

 Carol Yip's workshop at Sony EMCS Malaysia - February 2009

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  • "How Life Cycles affect your Career and Impact your Retirement Planning" (click here for more info)
  • "Living Free with Effective Money Skills" program (more info below)

Living Free with Effective Money Skills program

Abacus Advisory will customise its signature Living Free with Effective Money Skills workshop to fit in with their company's Human Resource Development Training programs.

Sony workshop February 2009

10% corporate discount available

Superb workshop, practical and action oriented!"
~N. Mahajan

Great workshop. I am able to create new possibility in my personal financial planning!
~T.Y. Poon

A very well structured and informative workshop with powerful tools and worksheet to work on after the workshop. ~W.M. See

This financial training program, developed by Carol Yip, brings value to each and every employee in realizing the importance of understanding their relationship with money. As each employee works to earn a salary, they must learn effective ways of managing their take-home pay to meet their living requirements for both themselves and their family, as well as be able to establish funds for their children's education and a comfortable retirement.

Employees will be participating in group activities and experience hands-on exercises that will:

  • Develop their self-realization towards their relationship with money
  • Create a caring bond with peers and superiors
  • Enhance their lifestyle and work environment
  • Reduce stress and work to achieve their career goals
  • Improve work effectiveness

As this was my first attendance at Carol Yip's presentation, I must say I was impressed with her smooth ease and fluent delivery ... simple step-by-step powerful principles, financial plans and skills anyone can easily adopt and manage finance, followed by exercise application in real-life situations. This is a must learn and apply money savvy for a promising future of money management, specially designed for adults who want to asses their money skills, manage money and achieve financial goals, freedom and independence. Make a friend out of a financial coach with delightful Carol Yip who can safely guide you to money action plan which will effectively work for you! Keep up the good work, Carol!
~ Anthony T.K.Lim
Training Consultant/Coach
Toastmasters Area P1 Governor, 2006-2007
(for Toastmasters Clubs MIM, Telekom
Scope International/Standard Chartered Bank and Satu Hati)

Scope of the training program

In this program, participants will learn:

  • How to discover their financial behaviour and emotions towards money
  • How to understand their personal money management process and financial skills
  • How to evaluate their personal spending habits and debt management skills
  • How to analyse their financial strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • How to create their personal financial philosophy and practical financial disciplines
  • How to manage their cash flow, credit card debts and loans
  • How to calculate their retirement fund as their lifestyle and living needs change
  • How to protect their assets and manage their financial risk as they age
  • How to make sound spending or investment decisions
  • How to create their Personal Financial Plan in line with their career goals

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With better understanding of their
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