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Smart Money-User (SMU) Basic program

Smart Money-User is endorsed by
The Oxford Centre of Leadership. Participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement on completion.

Why is the Smart Money-User
program unique?

This program is unique because it is designed to focus on teaching the individual, starting from the early formative years to adulthood, to appreciate money, create good life values with money and cultivate money habits.

Read article written by Carol yip on the financial challenges students face these days.This financial education program teaches the young adult key attitudes that will impact on the development of skilful behaviours related to managing money including:

  • using money in a purposeful way to heighten a sense of accomplishment and recognition
  • being wise with money, good spending disciplines and not allowing money to lure them into doing bad to themselves and the community
  • using money within their financial means and capability, and to learn to delay instant gratification
On behalf of the Parents Teacher Association & Sri KDU School, we would like to express our grateful thanks to you for making the time to come to the school to talk to the students about a career in Money Management. The feedback from the students have been very positive and I believe they came away with a better idea of what a career in this field entails. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you every success in your work. Thank you once again. "
~ Mdm LC Toh, Organizing Committee for Career week 2008 of Sri KDU Parents Teachers Association

Smart Money-User program addresses 3 core important learning for a young adult:

  • My Self Esteem and Self Worth
    » Why I am important?
    » What is my self-worth to my family and cultural community?
  • My Life and Money Values
    » Why my family and cultural community values are important?
    » How money and its values help create my family and cultural
       community values?
  • My Worldview with Dreams and Vision
    » Why is having good life dreams and vision important to me?
    » How money can make my dreams and vision come true?

Smart Money-User program is also uniquely designed for family with children:

  • To teach parents and children personal money skills and financial literacy, to help achieve family financial harmony and happiness
  • To develop parent and child relationships and bonding through an interesting and creative setting of learning about money
  • To boost each family member's, including parents, self-esteem and confidence

As a young adult, what kind of financial success are you aiming for?

Imagine a life where you have the financial freedom to do and have all the things you'd like to enjoy in life ... imagine a training and coaching program where you can look deeply and honestly at the way you think, feel and act in the world, and learn how your behaviour influences your financial results you are achieving in your life.

As the parent of a young adult, what kind of financial success do you want for your child?

Invest in this unique Smart Money-User program and discover how you will be able to create timeless opportunities for your children, helping them to solve their financial situations themselves and giving them the money skills that will last a lifetime.

This 3-month training & coaching program is about releasing
the boundaries that limit your financial capabilities.

This Smart Money-User (SMU) Basic Program is an interactive and engaging experiential learning program supported by experienced coaches who will teach your children how to be money-smart!

The program includes:

  • 2-day workshop
  • 3-hour monthly coaching sessions over a 3-month period

Your children will learn fundamental principles of:

  1. Mind-set in terms of money habits and behaviour
  2. Practical financial applications and tools

They will be guided in applying the soft skills of mind-set and behaviour, together with the hard financial skills and knowledge in their personal money.

In this challenging environment, young adults will experience what it means to be really honest with themselves and learn how to take responsibility for their choices, as well as how to communicate effectively, keeping to agreements and making decisions on how they will go about achieving their financial success.

Understanding your psychological behaviour and emotions towards money, will empower you to become a
Smart Money-User.

Why? Click here to read article and find out!

Your article has touched on a central issue faced by adults and parents alike: confusion about money. Most adults still think of only one way of earning money i.e. to get a job. As a consequence, the job ties them down and there is really no time to think of any thing else (serious). Fortunately (or unfortunately), money is there to help them solve problems like making their children happy (buy them what they want or don’t want), improving their children’s scores in school (tuition and more tuition), and spending “quality time together” (go shopping on weekends).

You said it right: this is how our children emulate us. Children born to middle-class professional parents are actually worst off compared to those that are raised from parents who run small businesses in terms of the understanding of money. But the strange fact is that parents belong to the second group don’t want their children to do the same things that they are doing. So they urged their children to go to university and earn a degree. Get a good job! What they admire is the life styles of the professionals and not the challenge of a businessman.

In our Asian culture, we still give a lot of respect to our parents. How often do we dare to go against the wishes of our parents? Very often we hear young people saying: “My mother said that studying accountancy is good.”, “Cousin Li King is a doctor. She is so successful.” So when their parents say: “Find a good job”, “Work and save money”, or “Buy a house”, what do our young friends do? You guess it right: “Just follow lah”.

But are their parents giving them the right advice? Perhaps we should teach them first so that they can then teach their children.
~Y M Leow~

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Kids participating in the Smart Money-User program get hands-on, interactive experience, including getting involved in serious discussions regarding their finances!

Handling and managing money is not a subject taught in schools and is a subject matter that is seldom discussed between children and parents. The most that a child gets to know from parents is usually "money is a scarce item and limited, so spend on necessities only". From there on, the child is supposed to understand what this means and what to do next. In worse case scenarios, guilty parents give plenty of money to a child to spend,  some even give their children credit cards, and most children grow up not knowing the value of money, or knowing how to manage it having no one to guide them in managing their money.

Carol’s workshop is right on target, aiming to teach parents and children alike. I encourage all parents to attend Carol’s workshop and at least learn how to speak to their children intelligently about money.
~Avryl Au, National Director - BNI Malaysia
National Director - BNI Thailand
Executive Director - BNI Hong Kong BNI~


More testimonials ...

"The Smart Money-User program was conducted in a way that was easy to understand and appealed to everyone."
~Terence Toh, Student Taylor's College~

"This Smart Money-User program has made me understand how I can change my children's attitude towards money and motivate them to manage their pocket money, in a smarter way! "
~Azah Wan Ali. Parent~

"Carol has actually helped me to realise how much I spend and the fact that I have to change my spending habit."
~Carolyn Chow, Student, age 14~

"I thought that the program was very effective and useful for me as a teenager to know about this money matter. I totally realised that I always have to think before I spend money on anything and learn not to take advantage of my parents' money for something that I want, and not what I need!"
~Azizah Azmi, Student, age 16~

"This program teaches everyone, young and old, about using money wisely. I like the interactive approach of this program where I get to listen to young adults' experience with their money and also from the adults ... their money experiences (parents who attended the program together with us). I'm lucky to be able to learn from the adults now and not later when I am old enough to make my own money!"
~Vania Quah, Student, age 14~

"This program taught me how my attitude affect the way I spend my money."
~Cheong Shu-Mei, Student, age 13~

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To have money
and have a life to
enjoy it — that is the essence of the Smart Money-User Basic Program.

"Carol Yip's Smart Money-User is a gem of a book! It will stand out as one of the most useful guides to money management, both for the young as well as the not-so-young."
~Yau Jin Rin
Financial Writer
Athenium Capital Sdn Bhd, Malaysia~

"I have learnt how I was "motivated" to use my money last time. I will be wiser and more careful before I spend my money in the future."
~Atikah Azman, College Student~


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"Carol has taught me that I need to be a Smart Money-User in a good way! "
~Cheong Shu-Fei, Student, age 13~


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