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What our clients are saying ...

I found myself opening up to you on issues I usually don't reveal on a first meeting. The beauty of the matter is that sensitive issues like "how much I earn or how much I save" were not brought up at all. It's all about the big picture. In essence, the answers may be there all the time, but you are exactly what most of us need, to bring about financial awareness. Finance has always been a black hole to many, but with you around, life can be much more wonderful and simpler! I just love this holistic approach of yours.

"I really enjoyed our private coaching session. What started as something I was wary of turned into a mind-opening experience. It was scary at first, because I was "forced" to think about financial matters, which I have conveniently pushed to the back of my mind; things that secretly I know I should take an interest in.

Thank you for making me take that big step to take action and take control of my finances. It's something that everyone should do no matter what their status or position. There is no age limit. Ideally it should start with young people. Start the habit and keep at it. However, it is never too late to start.
~ Azlina Hashim,

"Thank you Carol. You have planted a lot of deep thoughts in my head. Coming from a financial planner, it really fortifies to look deeply to deal with my issue of self worth." ~ AL

"I am one of the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM) committee members (Ipoh Chapter). I was glad to meet you during the BMW Talk at Hotel Heritage, Ipoh organised by Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC). In fact, you have done a great job, many of the participants like you very much and we would like you to come back once again." ~ Brandon Ng FPAM Ipoh Chapter Sub Commitee Chairman Membership

"Superb workshop, practical and action oriented!" ~ N. Mahajan

"Great workshop. I am able to create new possibility in my personal financial planning!" ~ T.Y. Poon

"A very well structured and informative workshop with powerful tools and worksheet to work on after the workshop" ~ W.M. See

"Your seminar is a good start in self-awareness for everyone. About time people take control of their finances and learn to work effectively with their respective financial consultants." ~ L. Lee

"Thank you for the valuable financial tips and making me realise the importance of planning for the future. Money may just be pieces of paper. But these dollars and cents are worth more than that - it has the power to make you rich and live comfortably or give you financial ruin and debts for life. The workshop has made me more aware about financial matters i.e. to start reading the financial column, to think twice and do some research before investing in Unit Trust and insurance policies. Thank you." ~ YL Hew

"From your workshop, I have better self-understanding and get to know what investment is about and the risk that comes along with it.Ē ~ Neo Wei Wen
Student Taylorís College

"I was lost in managing my financial debts before knowing you, you are the one that guide me through to know and understand my debts by sharing your financial tools that you are using for ďAbacus for Money". It makes me have confident in work life and personal life".
 ~ J. Tan

"I enjoyed your conversational style in our workshop and It had been very effective. The message that you delivered is pertinent to people who like to see themselves retire without financial woes. A definite must for people who like to restore their integrity with money".
~ W. Chew

"This workshop is perhaps one of the most powerful workshops that I have attended. The power lies in the simplicity and the relevant application I can immediately make on my life. More importantly, I left the workshop knowing exactly what I can do to reach my goals faster. Carol is also a great communicator and she articulates her ideas and concepts very well". ~ Leong, WK

"On behalf of Taylor's Business School, we wish to express our appreciation to you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to present on "How to achieve financial freedom for young entrepreneur" in the College on 27 Sept 2005. Your presentation is very encouraging, witty and informative. We believe our students have thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and gained in-depth knowledge in financial planning. Thank you once again for a memorable presentation and hope you will visit us again."
~ A. Chíng
Student Service Career Centre, Taylorís Business School, Malaysia

"The session of the workshop that is most relevant to me is I have a better understanding of who am I and what I am going to face in the future for my financial goals." ~ Adrian Loo Teik Shen
Student of Taylorís College, 27th Sept 2005

"Your workshop session is a must for everyone whether we are struggling to make ends meet or whether we have more than adequate left at the end of the month. Your method of raising awareness within the participant is a refreshing departure to most advisors who offer their own version of the way you need to run your finances. Good luck with the workshops." ~KK Looi
President Elect of Rotary Club USJ

"Thanks for your time, the session with you really created awareness and caution of how to deal with debt. Your workshop actually gave me a chance to listen to others' view on their opinion  of $$$ and also gave me the courage to cut my credit card. Really need your expertise to plan my financing and I am practicing to discipline myself, as advised by you." ~ J. Tan

I want to say how pleased I was to be able to meet up with you for a review of my current insurance coverage. After your review and from your recommendations, I could see that I can save so much money on my insurance premium without having to sacrifice the coverage I am getting now. The money from the savings could enable me to make other investments, which have far better returns. I am glad to have consulted you on my insurance needs and I am now taking action to restructure my insurance coverage. I would definitely recommend anyone to see you if they are not sure about their insurance needs." ~ J. Tan

I first knew Carol when I attended her seminar conducted at Taylor's Business School. The President of TBS was kind enough to invite me. This was the best financial planning seminar I've ever attended. And after a year in college, I find that Carol is the best speaker that was invited to Taylor's. She showed me how important it is to manage my money and how to earn a little extra.

The best part was when we got to calculating "how much you have to save for your retirement". I was shocked when i knew I had to save 4 million$$$$ for my retirement fund. It nearly blew my mind. I really enjoyed that seminar.

As the Vice President of the members' development and welfare department of BE ADP (the Business Entrepreneur Society of the American Degree Program of Taylor's), I've decided to bring in a speaker that will educate business major students of the American Degree Program on personal financial planning as I've discovered that managing money is a critical issue among college students.

The first person on my mind was Ms. Carol Yip. I knew she'd be able to do it and true enough, I've manage to pull her out from her busy schedule to share her knowledge with our students. I'm glad that the seminar of 120 students and lecturers that was conducted recently went on flawlessly. Either than that, Carol was kind enough to give me some personal tutoring on financial planning when we were planning for the seminar. I'm currently applying what I've learned and I'm sure it'll come to a good end. Thanks for the help Carol! and keep it up. Do what you have done for other as what you have done for me.
~ Dexter Cheong
Student of the American Degree Program

"I am much more aware of my
financial situation,
 the program
was very beneficial
and should be conducted on a
more regular basis to all walks of life.
I need to learn more and let us meet to
synergise on our strengths, so that this kind of program will
benefit everyone".
~ Isa

The Students of Taylor's College speak about
Carol's keynote

"The workshop on "How to be a Smart and Money Wise Young Adult" is direct, well packaged and delivered" ~ Louis

"The workshop has really helped me to understand about my financial risk and management"
~ Penny

"The workshop allows me to be aware of what I need to do and realise where money is concerned."
~ Rowan

"This workshop is really an eye opener for me!" ~Sarah

"Thanks for waking me up from my dream. You have made me fully aware of money!" ~ Fredy

"Because I have pre-meditated financial plans, this workshop has provided clarity to things that I was previously unsure about." ~ Zul