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You are never alone with the support of ASEN

Abacus Advisory offers a unique, membership-based coaching program, ASEN (Abacus Self-Empowerment Network), whereby groups of individuals come together once a month to share their financial issues and support each other by exchanging ideas and solutions to improve their financial life in a non-competitive, non-threatening environment. Each session is facilitated by a qualified professional financial coach.

Membership benefits

Beyond this special combination of small group coaching, members have access to a financial coach who shares financial knowledge, information, advice and perspectives with the group in relation to the topic that is being discussed.

Thank you for conducting the "Financial Readiness for your Special Child" talk for the Parent Support Group of Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation on 1 April 2006. Although we did not get a big group to attend, those parents who attended found the session "eye-opening". All left the session with heightened awareness of actions that must be taken to ensure the financial security of our special child. We hope to share our experience with the other parents who were not able to be there.
~Mohamed Hanifah Salih
President, Parent Support Group

Some of the topics that have been discussed included:

  • What are the money mistakes that I have made or are making, and what can I do about it?
  • Can I afford to spend the money? If not, what can I do?
  • Financial infidelity: of a spouse, parent or partner
  • Starting over: life after divorce, separation or death of a spouse
  • Parents of a special child: financially readiness for the care of this child
  • Couples and money: how to communicate better to avoid arguments
  • Life after a business failure or bankruptcy
  • How to face a retrenchment and remain financially adequate
  • Some of the best practices in managing personal debts
  • What are young adults' financial grievances
  • How to survive better in times of financial crisis
  • How to survive a financial turmoil that is caused by a health crisis
  • How to say "NO" when a friend or relative asks for money
  • What are your daily struggles with money
  • How to get over something that still haunts you from your financial past
  • My expensive lifestyle - how can I manage to live within my financial means
  • Getting rid of bad habits such as gambling: how can I stop throwing away my money
  • Influenced by advertisements: how can I stop getting trapped by ads and spending money needlessly

What members say ...

Below are comments received from members who participated in a recent "What are your daily struggles with money" discussion:

What I like is the group support I get from the ASEN members and the opportunity to hear other members'
money struggles. Such sharing make me feel that I am not alone and have the chance of talking about it. The ideas and suggestions expressed by the group were interesting and practical too" ~Mohamed Kamal

The activities and the sharing in the group made me excited and gave me the drive to share my financial issues with an open mind. By doing so, it also cheered me up, because other members are also supporting and listening to me." ~Felicia

I like the way everyone shared their problems openly and freely, including myself!" ~Mohamed Haniff

I like the lively, informal, relaxed, yet serious session for us to talk and share our money issues. ~Shadairul

The sharing of ideas of how to solve money issues among the members has helped to relieve some of the financial challenges that we have been facing" ~Azlina

In addition to the sharing of experiences among the members, the group coaching was valued added with invited experts giving their opinions about financial issues. ~TW

The group coaching has served as a reminder of my financial problems and it helped me to realise that possibilities can be created by me anytime, anywhere, especially when I get to hear what other members have to say about their experiences. ~Simon

I like to attend ASEN simply because the group makes me want to take action and I get the encouragement to do so. When I take the action as suggested by the group, I certainly feel good and powerful. And this is the reason why I am attending ASEN again to learn from others and continue to get the support from the group. ~Linnet

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