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Smart Money Kid - The fun & creative education programCarol Yip and the Abacus Advisory team offer workshops to the general public. When a workshop is scheduled, it will be posted on an upcoming events page. We also provide customised corporate workshops and training to suit business organisations' needs.

Training workshop for personal financial advisor and planner


How to be a Smart and Money-Wise Young Adult

You are great as the way you have presented it and promote understanding of financial freedom in depth and motivated me." ~Sophia Ooi~
Student of Taylor’s College

Are you between 15 and 21 years old? Are you a high school, college or university student interested in starting off your young adult life on the right foot? In this workshop designed exclusively for you, you will learn:

  • How to discover your financial behaviour and emotions towards money
  • How to understand your personal money management process and financial skills
  • How to evaluate your personal spending habits and debt management skills
  • How to create your personal financial philosophy and practical financial disciplines
  • How to create your personal Financial Action Plan

Armed with those skills, you will get a chance to start your new career with the financial freedom you've always dreamed of!

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Discount available for non-profit organisations
and educational institutions

Living Free with Effective Money Skills

In the "Living Free with Effective Money Skills" workshop, Carol Yip helps you to understand your financial personality in order to manage your financial emotions and thoughts. She also coaches you to reclaim the importance of taking ownership of your money, leading you down the path to financial freedom.

Your money skills workshop is so powerful that I have re-affirmed my priorities towards a 'financial freedom life' with strong self-confidence ... attending your workshop is the best investment that I ever made. I managed to see a clearer picture on where I stand financially now and where I want to go from here. With your experience and expertise on financial planning, I believe I have put myself in a better and clearer position towards achieving financial freedom.
~S. Poon~

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to create your financial life philosophy
  • How to evaluate your personal money management process and spending habits
  • How to manage your cash flow, credit card debts and loans
  • How to calculate your retirement fund as your lifestyle and living needs change
  • How to protect your assets and manage your financial risk as you age
  • How to make sound spending or investment decisions
  • How to create your practical Financial Action Plan

You will be able to say: “I’m living free from financial worries” after attending this workshop! Reserve your space now!

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Trimming your Debt The Breakthrough!

Break free of your debts and live a stress-free life with our ultimate debt slimming program! This workshop will enhance your financial literacy and understanding of your own personal behaviour, thoughts and emotions that affect you money management ability. It will help you see clearly to the roots of your money problems and release you from the shackles of your debts.

I managed to settle my $6,000 debt within 3 months because of Carol. Before meeting her, I was not happy at all with my credit card debts, because I was earning a decent salary. I knew I could have a lot more savings but somehow, I was lost in my own financial maze because I was spending my money away, besides using my credit cards. All she did was listened to me, understood my concerns and helped me to see my bad spending behaviours. She made me realise that I must take ownership of my own problems. Previously, I blamed others and was in a state of denial of my spending and debts. With Carol's patience in coaching and listening to me with empathy, I took the bold step of cutting off all my credit cards. Initially I was scared and felt insecure without the credit cards, but after a day, I actually felt powerful and in control of myself when I need to spend my cash money. Now, I am very happy to use cash, and within my affordability after putting aside money as savings. In fact, I met with Carol again and this time, I was asking her for some investment advice with the savings that I have!"
~Caryne Lee~

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Do you want to live
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The money skills
that you will learn in Abacus Advisory workshops are not taught in  any school, college or university!