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Personal financial coaching

One-on-one financial planning sessions

Abacus Advisory offers private, one-on-one, financial planning and coaching consultations for individuals or groups who need assistance in preparing their financial plan. Whether you are a student, young adult starting out a career, married couple or retiree, we can assist you at any stage of your life!

In the course of a personal financial planning consultation, we can:

  • Profile your financial personality and behaviour
  • Assess your financial strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Examine your emotions towards money
  • Assist you in developing your financial philosophy
  • Help you understand your money management process
  • Establish your cash flow management skills
  • Analyse your financial skills, outlook and spending habits
  • Evaluate your financial risks and create your personal risk management plan
  • Assess your debts and create your debt management action plan
  • Teach you the steps to calculate your retirement fund
  • Appraise your asset distribution strategy and create your assets distribution plan
  • Create your investment portfolio and adjust as needed
I enjoyed our one-to-one session immensely. My first impression of a financial coach is of a cold, unemotional being who is ready to pounce at his client at the earliest opportunity to sell his financial products to her. Instead, I discover in you, someone who sincerely cares for her client's wellbeing, financial and otherwise. I found myself opening up to you on issues I usually don't reveal on a first meeting. The beauty of the matter is that sensitive issues like "how much I earn or how much I save" were not brought up at all. It's all about the big picture. In essence, the answers may be there all the time, but you are exactly what most of us need, to bring about awareness. Your decision to be a financial coach is a noble one as it gives light to lot of folks are afraid of... coping with their financial standing. Finance has always been a black hole to many, but with you around, life can be much more wonderful and simpler! I just love this holistic approach of yours and look forward to a long term relationship and will definitely recommend your fabulous service to all my friends and family. God bless!  ~Prudence

Private coaching packages

Issue-specific or follow-up personal financial coaching sessions

If you have a specific issue or problem that needs resolving or if you would like to follow-up on a previous coaching session, Abacus For Money's financial coaches provide individual coaching session in which they will:

  • Diagnose and analyse your current financial status or issue
  • Identify actions to solve your problem
  • Write-up action plan
  • Schedule follow-up meeting

Support group session memberships available

Abacus for Money offers a unique way of helping
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A Personal Financial Plan is a logical plan, but the person who owns the plan is not logical and lives an unpredictable life. Therefore, we teach people behavioural psychology, money skills and practical strategies that they don't learn in school, at work or at home, in order to take charge of their personal financial future.

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