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Personal Financial Check-up I

Abacus Advisory's Personal Financial Check-up I coaching package consists of two meetings:

1st Meeting

  • Identify your financial behaviour
  • Assess your emotions towards money
  • Understand your money management process
  • Assess your asset management skills
  • Assess your financial skills and outlook
  • Assess your spending habits
  • Assess your debts management skills
  • Develop your financial philosophy
  • Review your financial coaching session

2nd Meeting

  • Review your financial coaching session
  • Assess your cash flow and net worth position with  financial indicators
  • Develop a SWOT analysis of your present financial status
  • Create your financial action plan
  • Create your practical financial disciplines
  • Create your monthly spending plan
  • Review your financial coaching session

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This financial consultation package is ideal
for young professionals embarking on
their new life
after graduation
or adults on
a very limited budget,
who are experiencing difficulties and needing help to resolve current financial issues.