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Family Wealth Legacy Creation

Your 8-Step Family Wealth Legacy Blueprint

The Abacus For Money Family Wealth Legacy Creation Program is about planting more Wealth Trees in Your Family Wealth Estate!

You need a Family Office!

Have your own Family Office to create more of your existing wealth estate for the family. Our 8-Step Family Wealth Legacy Blueprint will not only help you to enhance your wealth, but also preserve your wealth for the next generations.

As one generation makes way for another in a family that is made-up of grandparents, parents and children, there are always issues around leadership, family future and continuation of generation ownership who will continue to carry on the family values and legacy, especially with the younger generation who is living in this New Millennium Age?

For family-owned businesses, there is a need to focus on strategic planning for the family future, installing an effective family team that allows appropriate ownership and involvement, not forgetting that family business needs to continue evolving with the younger generations.

Each family nucleus is unique. No one family member is the same though may have the same family name. Because personality, character and experience differences, there are personal and family issues, be it implicit or explicit, that need to be resolved before they become complicated and difficult to resolve in the family.

Many heartbreaking and painful encounters will arise and cost great fortune for the family, losing family values that could have been preserved and family wealth that could have been multiplied if family members can work in harmony with a guided family blueprint.

When a family decides to create a Family Office, there are many strategic questions that need to be addressed, including:

  • What are the assets the family wants to enhance or preserve?
  • What are the family values you also want to see preserved?
  • What is the time period for working together on wealth management issues?
  • Which family members are interested in serving in a leadership capacity?
  • What roles could individual family members play in the development of the family office?
  • How will decisions be made concerning investments and other financial alternatives?
  • What governance structure is appropriate for the family?
  • How will the family office be owned?
  • How will the mission of the family office be defined?
  • What scope of services will be provided to the family members?
  • How will the office be organized and managed?
  • What can the family do to ensure the success of the office?

Program objectives

All of the above unanswered questions about your Family Office will be addressed when you attend the Abacus For Money Family Wealth Legacy Creation Program.

The program is designed to help your family to:

  • Analyse and understand family dynamics and family systems
  • Develop your personal reflection of life philosophy towards a trusting relationship with family members of different generation gaps, i.e. Baby Boomers, Generation X and Y
  • Create personal values and “Wealth of Life” for your family
  • Examine personal behaviour and emotions towards money as a family member and collectively as a family
  • Analyse your own personal financial skills and collectively as a family
  • Bring about awareness of different influences in life that affect each family member’s money self
  • Understand the 4-steps money skill process for your family
  • Analyse your self-needs and wants VS your family's needs and wants
  • Create your family life and wealth goals
  • Create family money beliefs and affirmations
  • Create your own Oath & Quote of Arms for your family
  • Clarify your family members' roles and responsibilities and effectiveness in working with family members of different generations
  • Create your Family Financial Contingency Plan to ensure a continuous support system to maintain family unity

Planting and nurturing your own Family Money Tree

In the program, the family will get to look in-depth into issues such as:

  • Transferring wealth and illuminating issues of power and control in families of different generation gaps like Baby Boomers, Generation X and Y.
  • Issues in intimate relationships that caused money problems among family members
  • Difficulties in trusting family members to manage family wealth
  • Difficulties of raising children in a materialistic society
  • Developing and managing governance structure for family businesses and foundations
  • Successfully negotiating the complexity of blending families and wealth
  • Complexity of Extended Family with Wealth
  • Uniqueness of aging towards retirement for senior members in the family
  • Changes of culture, ethics, socio-economics, Internet, digital technology and globalization these days that are affecting family unity and security.

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Families have delicate and sensitive issues that need to be faced and yet are hard to discuss at times due to differences in family members’ mindsets.

may influence the process of inheritance, developing
capable heirs and sustaining family connection that may prevent
 from "planting
and nurturing" more Family
Money Trees
 in their
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