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Feedback from client: I-Xeon Solutions

The staff at I-Xeon Solutions speak about Carol's training

"Effective financial coach, delivers superb workshop, letting my staff realize the discipline of smart personal financial planning, well done Carol!
~Sean Lee, Director of I-Xeon Solutions Sdn Bhd

"The corporate talk makes me realize that it is important for me to manage money start from now so that I can have an easy retirement life when I get older. Besides, I also realized that I have to change my spending habits. I won't spend my money unreasonable, and will think twice before I spend." ~Pang Ee Shing~

"I've learned how much important is money to our life and as well for our future life time, and what I notice is that saving money will never be enough for the future life, even though it's a huge amount of money that we saved. Also what I've learned is how to put more effort on saving money." ~Roslizawati B~

"We should be extra considerate when comes to spending money, donít just get influenced by own emotion." ~Chin Chim Yap~

"All the while, I'm aware that I need to save money for the old age after retirement. Prior to this workshop, I just make calculation for savings on linear basis without taking consideration into inflation rate. During the workshop, I have learnt to calculate the actual amount of money that I need after retirement by thanking into consideration for the inflation rate. With reference to the table on the handout, I able to make a more realistic calculation for money that I need to save per month." ~Chin Hooi Tyng~

"I knew the importance of financial planning before attending Carol's talk and I have been doing financial planning for myself based on hand-outs that were printed from financial planning system. But from this talk I had clearer picture of myself from some tests that Carol Yip gave me. I found the tests very accurate. The next steps for me are how to stable and upgrade my financial situation." ~Jacqueline Soh~

"This talk is a self-discovery with an understanding of what investment is about and the risk. This talk provides an understanding on what I going to face in the future for my financial goals." ~Alan Loo~

"Thanks for the workshop; I really enjoy the styled that Miss Carol Yip presented to us. From the workshop, I realized who am I and the importance of the valuable financial guidance to help me plan for my future. Besides, I get a better understanding about the risk of investment." ~Jesse Ong Peh Sze~

"Carol remind me to work hard and save a lot a lot money for my old time. Also remind me that money had no more value in future due to inflation rate." ~Tan Wei Lieh~

"The seminar made me be aware that relationship between human and money is becoming worse; which is one of the main reasons why people nowadays spend money without think twice. I have learnt that self-personality, self-control and discipline play major role in deciding my financial status. Thus, the key to well-managed financial life is to do it myself and not by others for me."~Ong Keong Chee~

"This workshop has helped me alot in identifying my own personality that has some influences toward my way in managing my money."
~Ler Chiew Chieh~

"I can more clear about the spending money, future money & what should I planning for the money when I have money .
From Carol that I understand the Insurance are not a good investment for my future retirement plan." ~Lee Foong Ying~

"I learnt that self intuition of financial knowledge is critical for my retirement plan. The talk had given me such sense of direction to better my financial quest." ~Darren Koh~

"This workshop haS actually made me realise how to manage my money in future and identifying my own personalities."
~Michelle Tan~

"Values from this talk: Think first before spending and always keep away some for savings" ~Low Kim Chuan~

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