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Motorcycle insurance policy premium calculator

Please key-in all figures without comma, % or RM.

Insurance type : Comprehensive
Third Party
Cubic capacity (CC) :
Sum insured (RM) :
No claim discount :
Rider's option : The Insured
All Riders
Premium : RM
Stamp duty : RM 10.00
Total premium payable : RM


  • Insurance period = 12 months
  • Vehicle location = West Malaysia
  • Registration type = Individual
  • This is a general guideline online
  • Different insurance company applies different rules; i.e. for Cubic Capacity (CC) above 125cc, 'All Riders' is compulsory, or a percentage of Loading might be compulsory. This calculation does not have 'compulsory' fields.

Using the form
on this page you can
calculate how much your motorcyle insurance premium
will be.