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Cashflow calculator

Please key-in all figures without comma, % or RM.
Provide the information based on a per month basis.

Add cash inflow   $   $
Employment salary
(net take-home pay after tax & other employment contributions)
Other income like subsidy, other aids or sources    
Business income    
Dividend or interest income    
Rental income from properties    
Other cash income    
Total Cash Inflow    
Less Cash Outflow
For yourself    
For children    
For spouse    
Other savings    
Regular Investment Contributions
(like unit trust etc. other than employment contribution)
Total Savings and Investments    
Fixed Expenses
Property mortgage loan    
Car loan    
Accommodation rental    
Other loan repayment    
Credit cards    
Other fixed expenses    
Insurance premium (for life and medical)    
Children's fixed expenses    
Total Fixed Cash Outflow    
Non Fixed Expenses
Clothes and shoes    
Children expenses like :        
~ Food    
~ Clothes    
~ Child care    
~ Toys    
~ School fees & books    
Household expenses, utilities and maintenance    
Car road taxes, insurance and maintenance    
Insurance premium
(for house, travel insurance)
Subscription fees    
Holidays and travelling    
Other purchases or payments    
Purchase of investment instruments (properties, stocks, business etc)    
Tax payment    
Total Non Fixed Cash Outflow    
YOUR NET CASH POSITION (positive or negative)    

Using the form
on this page you can
calculate your monthly
cash flow.