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MONEY RULES: How to Manage Your Money Successfully Before it Destroys Your Life Completely! by Carol Yip

Money Rules is now available is Malay and Chinese editions

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The Abacus For Money team headed by Carol Yip, a certified financial coach, consultant, advisor and trainer, specializes in coaching and educating individuals of all ages and all walks of life to be Smart Money-Users.

Unlike conventional financial planning, we provide financial advisory services, keynote presentations, training and workshops that are designed with the application of human psychology into money matters.

This unique training approach helps people to improve their behaviour and attitudes towards money and helps them achieve emotional happiness, giving them a sense of security and putting them in full control of their financial future

Carol Yip's books are available in bookstores throughout Malaysia & Singapore!

Dear Carol, I am a young lady living in Singapore. I felt 'lost' one day feeling like I've mountain of debts and did not know what to do. I went to the bookstore, and among the tonnes of books on money, wealth, managing finance - I find 'MONEY RULES' book was delivered in the most down to earth and non-hard selling way. And it relates to me better because there are an overdose of USA books that has not much Asia context. - Mitchell, Singapore

Abacus For Money Personal Financial Programs are promoted in the OECD International Gateway For Financial Education. OECD is established in 1961. It brings together the governments of countries committed to democracy from around the world to support sustainable economic growth, boost employment, raise living standards and maintain financial stability.

Retirement Transformation Conference

The Star Property

Carol receiving the Certificate of Appreciation from Y.Bhg. Tan Sri Dato' Sri Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz, the Governor of Bank Negara at the POWER! Premier Preview programme organised by Bank Negara Malaysia on 19 January 2011. Looking on is En Mohamed Akwal Sultan, CEO of AKPK. This programme is designed to equip young adults with practical knowledge and skills on money and debt management.

Central Bank

Carol Yip in Brunei speaking at The Asia Forum Women Forum 2010

The Brunei Womens Forum

Carol Yip was fantastic! ~ Anonymous
Session on managing money was mind opening. Great forum!
~ Ministry of Education
...my absolute favourite was the session by Carol Yip. It has changed the way I look at money
~ Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports
Great mix of successful women on the panel forum especially womenmanaging money session giving differentperspectives leading to the same conclusion. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time!
~ Anonymous
Certainly a great forum for women. I enjoy thesession on money- thespeaker is a true expert! ~ Ministry of Defense


Carol Yip as Guest Speaker for 14th Annual Professional Investment Services Conference, 28 March – 1 April 2010, Hawaii

Carol Yip Guest Speaker Hawaii
Thank you letter from event organisers
Professional Investment Services (PIS) Australia


Carol Yip as Guest Speaker for Lending and Risk Insurance Conference,
15 – 18 Sept 2009, Australia

Signature keynote topics and training programs:

For families:
bullet How Parents can Teach Kids to be Smart Money-Users
bullet Family Wealth Legacy Creation
bullet Love and Money Make for a Blissful Marriage
For education institutions:
How to be a Smart Money-Wise Young Adult
bullet Smart Money-User Basic Program
bullet Career Planning and Money Management Program for Teenagers age 15 to 19

For corporate clients and general public:

bullet Get Organised and Start Saving Money
bullet Understanding Your Financial Behaviour
bullet Managing Overspending Behaviour and Trimming Your Debts
bullet Women and Money, A unique Program for Women
bullet Making your Money Work
bullet Living Free With Effective Money Skills
bullet How Life Cycles affect your Career and Impact your Retirement Planning
bullet The Psychology of Financial Planning for Financial Planners & Wealth Advisors
bullet Retirement Education Course for Employees

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Carol is a columnist for Australia’s Imagine Your Lifestyle magazine

Jamie Oliver - Click to read article

Imagine Magazine

Interview Hello On Two

Family Money Rules: the spoken and unspoken words about money

The 10-minute movie clip below exemplifies the need for all of us to know the importance of how our family and social backgrounds affect the way we see and utilize money in our daily lives.

Interview with Carol Yip on Credit Cards by Mark Laudi of Hongbaomedia.com

The Star Property RedFM 104


Carol Yip - recognised by
The Malaysian Women's Weekly 2008 Great Women of our Time Awards for Outstanding Career Achievements and Contribution to Society for the Finance and Commerce Sector.

Women's Weekly
SMART MONEY USER A Practical Money Book for Today's Young Adult Lifestyle by Carol Yip"I read your Smart Money-User book. You really make me find my way towards my future because I know clearly what I want in life with your guidelines and questions in the book especially the chapter that taught me about retirement. This book is very good. I can share with my family and love ones to improve and enhance their financial knowledge. I feel very fortune that I have read your book. Thanks a lot." ~ Diana Tay
About Money Talk - a website dedicated for 'financial conversations' by Carol Yip
From Carol Yip's Desk

Carol Yip has delivered keynote presentations for the following organisations:

Asia Business Forum in Hong Kong
Asia Business Forum in Singapore
Asia Trader and Investors Convention
Australian Universities International Alumni Convention 2008, Singapore
Business Network International
Conference of Malaysia
Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM)
Genome Institute of Singapore
HELP University of Malaysia
Japanese Association of Malaysia
Malaysia Monash Alumni
Marcus Evans - Singapore (Jan 09)
Maybank Conference in Malaysia
OXCEL Centre in Cambodia
» Professional Investment Services, Australia
Taylors' College of Malaysia
TGI in Malaysia, Singapore & Hong Kong
Women Institute of Management

Carol Yip is available for public speaking engagements at profit and non-profit organisations or conferences in Malaysia and other countries. Book Carol today!

‘Carol talked on “How to talk to your kids about Career and Money”

Money and Career

Smart Money Kid - The fun & creative education program

Family Wealth Legacy Program by Abacus Academy

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